The story behind Clean Aroma

I am Allison Roberts, the face of Clean Aroma. When I started this hobby of soap and candle making, I never would've guessed in 100 yrs that I would ever start my own business doing what I love. This was definitely a jump for me but it had to stand out and I had to make a difference. Aromatherapy is my go-to and you will find that our scents are carefully selected and extremely enticing. Not only that, but they are chemical free and safe for your family and your home. We also donate a portion of our annual profits to the National Alliance of Mental Illness. **


When did this become a hobby of mine?

Well, it all started when I got pregnant with my 1st. I did so much research on chemicals in household products that I chose more chemical free ways of cleaning. This then turned into using chemical free shampoos and then creating my own soap. But I couldn't just stop there, the candle company that I used to order from went under and I had to find a new chemical-free candle company for my family. As some of you may already know, getting down to the detail in each ingredient takes a lot of time! I eventually decided it would be best for me to create my own that way I knew the exact ingredients being used and I could even get creative. I now have 3 kids and am continuing to educate myself with the kinds of ingredients in everyday products. 


Why did I turn my hobby into a business?

My creativity took flight and eventually my entire family was falling in love with my products. They were all using the soaps and LOVING them. They pushed me to take the leap and held my hand every step of the way. They believe in me and I am so thankful for that.


Why donate to the National Alliance of Mental Illness?

December of 2020 was a difficult month. I lost a cousin of mine to Mental Illness. We were very close when we were young but as we got older, we slowly grew apart, living our own lives. I had no idea he was struggling with Mental Illness until this tragedy. I blame myself for not reaching out to him more and for not being there for him. I want to give a tribute to Chase...Your goofy contagious laugh will always be remembered. To those of you struggling with Mental Illness you aren't alone. Speak up before it is too late **